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Beautiful Patio Doors That Will Make You spend more time outside

With the summer season fast approaching the time has come to start working on improving the patio in readiness for the barbecue season. In case you have to improve the appearance of the patio at the back ensure that you also work on the exterior wooden doors. In Canada, wood is one of the most popular materials used for construction of the porch, patio, and veranda. As such wooden exterior doors are sure to match with your patio.

This article showcases a number of wooden doors that can act as suitable and beautiful alternatives to other types of doors like the sliding metallic glass doors. We hope that the information provided on the difference that wooden doors make will inspire you if you decide to work on your patio in preparation for the summer.

Making the place similar to a Cabin

Relaxing at the verandas or the cabins by the lake side are among the most popular traditions in Canada. You get to have a good time with your family after having dinner, or lunch together on the veranda before swimming. The Traditional exterior wooden doors helps create such a relaxing environment in your cottage as well as your backyard. Wooden doors together with wooden roofing or beams are essential if you desire to create such an environment. This unique style offers the simplicity of a cottage’s architecture. Achieving such as look is not that difficult as all you need are high quality-handcrafted woodwork that will give the appearance of simplicity. You can also choose to incorporate glass in wooden doors to further enhance its beauty. Traditional varnishes and stains come highly recommended as they give the desired look.

The ancient Style Patio Doors and the Exterior Archways
Tradition also takes other directions besides the cabin style. We also have the ancient inspired exterior door design together with the timeless uniqueness of a beautifully designed garden.  Archways that feature accented stonework together with exterior wooden doors will make the wall around the pool or a garden beautiful. Wooden doors that feature engraved patterns might just what the beautiful garden needs to appear classy. These doors become the main point of attraction from which the garden draws its liveliness as well as a point of contrast. You get the feeling of stepping into a new cool environment when you pass through the door into the garden. Such doors match with bricks, stonework, or even stucco finishes.

Memorable, Modern and Unconventional: Folding doors bring something new to your garden

Traditional designs are wonderful but being able to combine new and old designs can be more interesting. To avoid getting stuck in the past you can try the trendy folding wooden exterior doors. Such doors are designed to provide larger spaces compared to the normal sliding doors thereby making the patio unique. They make the patio more a part of your home as they still allow light and outdoor beauty in when closed. When open it appears as if you have made the outdoors a part of your home. Wooden exterior doors are very flexible and can easily be paired with other styles and decors. For instance in a trendy modern home the door would look beauty with a dark vanish.

Bay And Bow Windows - The Difference

There are several key and interesting differences between bay and bow windows.  It is a smart idea to understand these differences before you go shopping for windows.  Yes, they are also similar in a multitude of ways, but many confuse that they are quite essentially the same.
Both, bow window and bay window provide for a much greater and wider view of the surroundings versus a flat window because they protrude out from the buildings. If you were to stand close enough to either window you would be able to feast your eyes upon a 180 degree view of the outside.  This is why they are frequently used in areas where the view can best be appreciated.  They also make a room appear to be bigger than it really is because of the way they extrude out from a building.  The illusion can make a room appear to be about a foot bigger including the wall space.
Bay windows are usually combinations of 3 windows with a large picture window in a center.  There are usually two smaller windows on the ends called flankers.  The flankers are used to angle out the whole window from the walls, they are usually angled between 45 and 30 degree angles.  They can be usually as single hung or as casement windows.  This will allow them to be opened for ventilation which can be enhanced by using these windows as well.  They can also be a fixed window, so not able to be opened.  That center window is what makes this type of window special.  It gives a great view of the outside not disturbed by any panes. 
A bow window is different in that it is a combination of usually more windows all of the same size.  This use of more windows allows for a more gradual bow shape for the front. These windows are usually fixed or casement style windows.  There are some companies though that offer options for double hung styles.  These styles require more hardware though and that can dramatically reduce the view, while increasing ventilation.  This ventilation is increased because of the use of more windows and that gentle angle.  You’re sure to get air flow from any directions it’s coming.  The casement windows come with the advantage of such a great view.
Bay windows have more angles and a larger view than the bow style.  The bow style offers a gentler curve which can allow for better ventilation options.

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows and Doors

You’re not convinced that this is the best time to get window and door replacements. After all, it will cost a lot of money. However, we have listed down 3 of the best reasons why it is time to replace your old door and windows.

You will Save More Money with Replacement Windows and Doors

You’re probably looking at those old Toronto windows now and thinking that they still look OK and don’t need to be replaced yet. However, a regular single-pane window is not completely energy-efficient. These windows are not customized to keep the heat or cold out and they are letting the air enter your home. Did you know that your windows affect about 40% of your annual energy bills? This is according to the US Department of Energy. A set of double-pane vinyl replacement windows would be more energy-efficient and help you save hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year.



Your old wooden door can also be affecting your energy bills. In addition to letting the cool air leak out, wooden doors are also prone to rot and deterioration so they cannot keep your home secure. Replacement doors can prevent air leaks and give you more security. Still not convinced? Most utility companies will give you energy incentives and rebates if you replace your windows and doors with their energy-efficient products.

Your House will be More Comfortable with Replacement Doors and Windows in Toronto

You already know that your old windows are not energy-efficient. Have you noticed that you turn on the heat and still feel cold during the winter? The world isn’t getting colder; the problem is that your windows are letting all the precious heat out of the house. Your energy bills are getting higher because your house is struggling to keep the temperature regulated. On the other hand, vinyl replacement windows have two glass panes that will help regulate the temperature in your home and keep the cold out permanently.

Your old door is doing the same thing to the house temperature. If your old door is deteriorating, it can leak air and affect the temperature in the entire house. Customized replacement doors will fit perfectly so there are no air leaks. You can also sleep better at night knowing that no intruders can come into your home.

Your House will Look Great!

We know you like the way your windows look, but wouldn’t it be nice if you can give your house a fresh new perspective? Vinyl replacement windows come in several designs and styles that can complement your home’s appeal. Make sure to contact a good contractor who will show you a variety of choices for the project. Replacement doors will also change the way you see your house from the outside. If you’re considering the thought of selling your house in the future, the new doors and windows will also increase the value of your home.

So go ahead and think it over. There are great reasons why you should get replacement windows and doors, reasons that can save your money and make your house safer. You can find the perfect vinyl replacement window that will make your house look better. Replacement doors also come in many sturdy materials that can customized to your home’s interior. The possibilities are endless. Ask your contractor for advice and soon you’ll have a home that is energy-efficient, safe and more beautiful than ever.

Tips on Choosing a Fiberglass Entrance Door.


The front door of a property sets the standard for the rest of the house, and choosing the right one to suit your unique home is a tough decision. Not only is there the aesthetic aspect, but also durability and security. The entry door is a much-used home installation, and is always on show to neighbors and anyone visiting your home- that’s why you need the best look possible. The door highlights the character of your property, and wooden doors suggest a laid-back attitude whereas steel gives a more urban, secure feel. With fiber-glass, you’re getting the security and a great look at the same time- they are light and extremely durable. Wooden frames can twist and warp with fluctuations in weather, but fiber-glass continues to perform years after the first installation. You need the perfect combination of beauty and functionality for your front door, so here’s a few tips:

1. Choosing the material

Traditionally, entry doors are manufactured from either fiberglass, steel or wood. New techniques and research has improved modern doors, and they now include a mix of materials. Doors can now have the steel frame for sturdiness, and wood paneling for the aesthetic aspect of the door. Wood can warp and split with temperature fluctuations, and steel can be dented and get rusty. Fiberglass on the other hand is not affected by this, and does not wear out as easily as steel and wood do. The popular choice is a combination of materials, usually with fiber-glass being the main component, and wood for the framing to get the required level of detail more accurately.

2. Think of the final look

The entry door in Toronto is an important aspect of the property, and has to mesh well with other features of the home. Fiberglass complements a wide range of decors and furnishings, as well as the exterior home environment, like pathways and garden areas. Good companies will have a comprehensive catalogue of paneling styles, glass types, pre-finishes and final finishes on the installation. The choices have been designed with architectural flare, offering property owners huge diversity across the range. For a traditional style, wood grain paneling in mahogany or oak finishes is a great contrasting option against brickwork or concrete. For a professional look, the front door should match well with the interior doors of the home, and any existing patio or sliding glass doors. The doors of a property, interior and exterior, should fit nicely with the style of the home, matching furniture color and fabrics- accents of wood used on the front entry doors are sure to balance existing furniture.

3. Research the top names

Recognizing the growing need for quality fiberglass doors, big brand names have developed in the industry to cater for the demand. Well-established companies like Masonite with their Barrington range, and Milgard with it’s vertical-integrated features can be relied upon for a high standard of installation. The Benchmark line by the innovative company Therma-Tru, and Feather River both offer customers a secure entry door that gives owners reassurance. Due to the competition between market leaders, a huge choice of products have opened up offering every potential entry door customer exactly what they require. When checking these products in the showroom, make sure you’re happy with the latches and locking mechanisms, and that they’re the right one for you. Concerning the design features, leading brand names can custom make any style you desire for the property, and customers with leading name doors can testify to their durability and longevity.
4. Benefits in the long-run
The demand for entry doors made from fiberglass are growing, so naturally there are many competitive prices, and bargains, to be had. Fiberglass composite doors have insulation values of 3x and even 5x that of wood, and the sunlight can pour into the home. Trapping the heat inside the property in this way allows for rooms to be brighter, warmer and cuts heating bills dramatically. Wooden frames and paneling can need frequent maintenance like treating rotting parts and painting them for protection. Some parts need replacing after a while due to warping or twisting, which is extra money for you. Fiberglass door installations are a great investment towards the efficiency, beauty and value of a property, and purchasing one for your property actually saves money over time.

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